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Hubert Cormier, our favourite nutritionist: undisclosed!

What do you enjoy most about your job as a blogger?

I enjoy everything about being a blogger! I love the flexibility it gives me. I can spread out my work hours any way I want during my week. It allows me to optimize my time really well and attend job-related events that mostly take place on evenings and weekends. This requires excellent time planning, but it’s amazing to be able to organize your schedule however you want. Above all, I love the “discovery” aspect of my blogger life. My curiosity definitely leads me to discover, experience, and document different things in the food, health, and wellness field. My creativity is put to very good use, and I couldn’t work in a profession where I didn’t get to tap into this talent.

You can trust us. What was your biggest kitchen fiasco?

I’m not someone who messes up recipes very often. To be honest, I don’t remember the last time that happened to me. I’m almost always able to salvage my recipes with my resourcefulness. Recently, however, I forgot to strain the zucchini for a recipe, which completely ruined the final result, since there was too much water and the bread literally didn’t bake! The taste wasn’t bad, but the texture wasn’t what you wanted it to be at all!

If you were an avocado, what recipe would you like to get into?

If I were an avocado, I’d probably get into a sweet recipe, since I’m crazy about desserts. I think I’d opt for decadent dark chocolate brownies!

What’s your guilty pleasure food?

I don’t like talking about “guilty pleasures,” since we should never feel guilty about this or that when we’re talking about food. If that’s the case, it’s when we label some foods as “good” and others as “junk.” This more restrictive view of food doesn’t fit with my view of nutrition and the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. Above all, it’s a question of satisfaction and frequency. Eating ice cream—or gelato—gives me a lot of pleasure in the summer when it’s hot.

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Tell us what’s on your plate and we’ll tell you who you are! Pick one among these:

  1. You’re a guac fanatic! Avocado dips and tortillas are always close by.
  2. Since the appearance of avocado toast, your life has changed for the better.
  3. Your secret pleasure is slowly identifying the ingredients in your avocado Buddha bowl and creating THE ultimate balanced bite.

When did nutrition and cooking first click for you?

It all started to click when I was working on my first cookbook. Before that, I was still in school. A PhD takes a long time! My days were more “theoretical” and less creative. So, when I discovered the inner workings of cookbook creation, I just flipped: cooking, food design, photography, and more. I was bursting with creativity and didn’t notice the hours passing by. That was when I realized that nutrition communication interested me more than anything else.