Avocados are the ultimate health food. Rich in fibre and good dietary fat, they satisfy hunger and help lower cholesterol. Making avocados part of your daily diet is a delicious – and healthy – decision!

In addition to all its health benefits, the versatile avocado can be used thousands of different ways. We’ve put together some fascinating facts for you!

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If you’re a serious “avolover” who wants to master all things avo, this section is for you. In just a few seconds, our videos will let you in on all the secrets of avocados: how to ripen them fast, how to store them, how to prepare them and more!

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Behind the scenes of the production and exportation of avocados from Mexico.

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Mexicanity is at the heart of our mission: to offer good food to be enjoyed in good company, with plenty of fun and good spirits!

We pay careful attention to every detail of the avocado growing process, to fulfil our promise to provide premium quality avocados of unparalleled freshness, all year long.

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It there’s one fruit that’s suited to any time of the day, it’s the avocado! From traditional dishes to unconventional ideas, discover all the ways you can add avocados to any part of your daily routine.

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