Start your day off right

Nothing beats an avocado smoothie to help you rise and shine! Not only is it fast to make, it also has everything you need to tackle your day.

Eat breakfast like a king

Breakfast is not only the most important meal of the day—it’s also the yummiest! Avocado pairs beautifully with lots of morning classics, and makes them even more decadent!

Take a healthy break

For a quick, nutritious mid-morning snack, nothing could be easier than slipping some avocados on your toast! Their good fat will hold you till lunch.

Up your brunch game

What could be better than an impromptu Sunday brunch with friends and family? The perfect accompaniment is avocado of course: picture it with eggs Benedict, omelets, bagels and cream cheese, crepes and more. You don’t need an excuse to add avocados to your invite list!

Lunch in a snap

No need to complicate things, especially when you’re in a hurry for lunch! Toss a few avocado chunks into a salad to make it rich and satisfying.

Grab an afternoon pick-me-up

Want to know how to avoid the dreaded afternoon slump? Eat a nutritious snack made with avocados for a healthy and delicious boost. Muffins, brownies, chocolate mousse—avocado is the perfect stealth ingredient to make your afternoon indulgence completely guilt-free!

Social gatherings

Beloved by all, avocados bring a little magic to everything it touches. Whether it’s a super-smooth cocktail, a spicy guac, a colourful salad or a refreshing dessert, avocados are sure to please. See why avocados are the life of every party!

A little self-care before bed

Not only are avocados a culinary powerhouse, they’re also packed nourishing properties for your hair and skin. Take some time for yourself and see how they can be added to your beauty routine.