• With 20 different vitamins and minerals, avocados are a healthy choice full of nutrients.
  • Avocados are a good source of fibre. Fibre adds bulk to your diet, which makes you feel full faster. That’s why avocados make a great post-workout snack.
  • Avocados act as a “nutrient booster” to help your body absorb more fat-soluble nutrients from other foods.
  • Avocados contain unsaturated fats, which are essential for healthy brain development.
  • Avocados are a good source of folic acid. For pregnant women, getting enough folic acid can help reduce the risk of premature birth and birth defects.
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  • Avocados are the only fruit with more than 75% “good fat” (unsaturated fat).
  • One avocado contains 25 mg of potassium. A diet rich in potassium helps balance out the negative effects that sodium can have on your blood pressure.
  • Avocados are a good source of vitamin K, a nutrient that helps prevent blood clots and supports bone health.
  • Avocados are a good source of fibre.
  • Avocados are rich and creamy, but they have 0 mg of cholesterol and 0 mg of sodium per serving.
  • A healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of heart disease, especially heart attack and stroke.
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  • Avocados make a great substitute for mayo or butter in sandwiches and wraps, which helps reduce your intake of calories, saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol.
  • Avocados add moisture, nutrients and healthy fat to baked goods. When you swap avocados for most of the butter, you get a guilt-free dessert!
  • Avocado blends well with other ingredients. It can even slip by kids unnoticed. Even better, it adds nutrients, minerals and healthy veggie compounds!
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