Canada’s Biggest Avolovers

Everyone has their own love affair with avocados and many pretend to be the biggest fan. So we decided to go on the lookout for the biggest Avolovers across the country. After months of searching and hundreds of submissions, we have finally found and crowned our top 5!


Rémi – Montreal, QC

The guy with an avocado tattooed on his heart. Oh, and on his arm, too (literally!)

The 9 to 5 life: Strategic Planner

His go-to avocado dish: Pasta in a creamy avocado sauce with fresh basil, olive oil, lemon zest and parmesan

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Karine and Isabelle

Karine and Isabelle – Port-Cartier, QC

The dream team: as iconic as the avocado and toast duo

Their 9 to 5 life: Warehouse Clerk – Executive Assistant

Their go-to avocado dishes: Fresh Salmon Tartar with Avocado – Avocado Toast

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Jessica – Ottawa, ON

Behind this Avolover is a strong and caring mother, and a whole family of Avolovers!

Her 9 to 5 life: Transplant Nurse

Her go-to avocado dish: Quinoa salad, cherry tomatoes and feta cheese, peppers, topped with avocado slices and lime juice.

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Annerie – Toronto, ON

Fun (and quite impressive) fact: can make over 30 avocado-based dishes! Yep, over 30.

Her 9 to 5 life: College Teacher

Her go-to avocado dish: Her homemade gluten-free avocado brownies

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Brenda – Vancouver, BC

When you grow a dozen avocado trees at home and your husband calls you an Avoaddict… pretty sure you’re a legit Avolover.

Her 9 to 5 life: Accountant

Her go-to avocado dish: Can’t go wrong with a classic guacamole

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