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Tell me your favourite sport, and i’ll tell you what to eat!

Oh, avocado! The star player of our recipes shines with its versatility but also with its team spirit as it makes other foods shine. A perfect addition to many “healthy” recipes, the avocado is also a real ally for athletes. And, for each discipline, there’s an avocado-based recipe. With that in mind, we concocted a list of the ideal recipe to try based on your passion. So, what's your favourite sport?


It’s a well-known fact: yoga aims to achieve a healthy mind in a healthy body. And a healthy body means a healthy diet! You need a fresh on-the-go recipe that’s easy to take along with your yoga mat? Give the avocado smoothies a try! If you want to take it a step further and be respectful of the environment, adjust your recipes according to seasonal fruits and veggies.

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Wind in your hair, a golden tan and the sound of the ocean...This is what comes to mind when we think about surf! In the kitchen, you love dishes that remind you of the sea. We recommend this wave of flavours: a sushi-style bowl that will transport you into Asia’s exotic cuisine or to Hawaii’s beaches.

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Everyone knows our national sport is hockey! At the heart of the most heated discussions, it adds life to the best evenings spent with friends. Not to mention the colour hockey has given our vocabulary with expressions like “pass the puck,” “bench warmer,” and “keep your stick on the ice.” One could say that, in Canada, we live and breathe (and even eat!) hockey. Treat yourself with our stuffed avocado puck while watching your favourite team on TV.

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You can’t say football without thinking tailgating. As much as football players tend to have a healthy diet, fans take advantage of the games to get together for decadent feasts. Chicken wings, tacos, guacamole, chips, and other treats are Super Bowl’s essentials. For a memorable game night, we suggest these taco bowls, which even might become your new tradition.

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Soccer has a way of getting die-hard players and former goalsters together for the big game. For many parents, soccer also means hosting the entire team after the game or planning on-the-go lunches for the kids. Here’s the perfect recipe for top players, aspiring athletes, and their unconditional fans.

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A sport or an art? "Both!", we'll tell you passionately. You’re an artist, and your own body is your instrument. To charm you, it takes a dish that’s both delicate and flamboyant, and as graceful as it is original. In this perfectly executed dish, you’ll find turbot, mango, grapefruit, and avocado dancing in unison to give you the most beautiful performance you’ve ever seen!

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Whether sports means getting together with your friends or taking time for yourself, the most important thing is to do what you’re passionate about and eat well to maintain your energy level. So, does avocado make you want to cook or get moving?