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Colour Therapy on Your Plate: The Ideal Antidote for Gloom

Are your meals all white? How sad! Not only does adding some colour to your plate bring joy to both your pupils and your palate, but a colourful meal is also a balanced meal!

As green experts, we’re in a great position to confirm that there is a solid correlation between colours and properties. Mother Nature is generous enough to offer us a wide variety of fruits and vegetables so we can eat healthy—so why not have a little fun?

Green is the new black 😉

Green fruits and vegetables have superpowers, and the avocado is a superhero in itself.

It’s no secret that the colour green has a long list of virtues:

  • It symbolizes nature, the awakening of life, renewal, youth, growth and immortality, no less!
  • It’s a relaxing colour that calms the mind, and it’s also the colour of balance, stimulating inspiration and spiritual activity.
  • From a health perspective, the colour green revitalizes, lowers blood pressure and alleviates migraines and neuralgia. It’s also effective against insomnia.

Any excuse to add green to your table is a good one! Avocado is a great choice, of course, but so are salads, spinach, artichokes, kiwis, and so on… When everything is grey outside, pop a bit of green on your plate and poof! Spring won’t seem so far away!

Eat your colours!

  • Red (tomatoes, strawberries, guavas, beets, cranberries, peppers, etc.) improves digestion and decreases the skin’s sensitivity to ultraviolet light.
  • More than any other colour, blue and purple fruits (blueberries, blackberries, prunes, eggplant) relieve stress and contain powerful anti-inflammatory compounds. How about trying our delicious recipe for avocado toast with beets and feta?
  • Fruits and vegetables with yellow and orange tones (mango, carrots, squash, sweet potato) are rich in vitamin A and promote the growth of bones and teeth. They help us see well at night, contribute to healthy skin and protect our immune systems.
  • More discreet, white or light brown fruits and vegetables (bananas, mushrooms, cauliflower, garlic, lychee, onion, parsnips, pears, etc.) fight against cancer cells and regulate blood pressure. Sounds like the perfect opportunity to try roasted cauliflower with a creamy avocado sauce.

Every colour has its own benefits, so it’s essential to change up your colour palette and enjoy. Nutritionists and even Canada’s Food Guide have long sung the praises of eating colourful fruits and vegetables.

Speaking of enjoying, why don’t we head to the kitchen to make a colourful avocado, salmon and edamame sushi bowl?

Bon appétit!
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A colourful meal is also a balanced meal!