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You’re never too busy for Avotime

Avocados are a super food that contribute to a healthy balanced lifestyle. A true source of inspiration and a nutritional ally, avocados benefit you throughout the day. Anytime is Avotime!

Avocados are a health partner.

Enjoy taking care of yourself—avocados are pure goodness! They add fibre to breakfast toast, power to a lunchtime salad and vitamins to an afternoon smoothie. Avocados are an essential part of a healthy routine.

Avocados guarantee vitality.

Avotime is a chance to take a break, savour the flavour of an avocado and recharge your batteries. The fruit’s monounsaturated fatty acids protect the cardiovascular system and promote cellular repair, making it an ideal snack before sporting activities.

Avocados inspire sharing.

Smooth, tasty and user-friendly, avocados can be part of almost any recipe. They’re versatile, adaptable and will delight your guests. No need to put on a show, avocados are sufficient on their own to share with those you love. Avotime is knowing how to spend quality time with your friends or family.