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Top 10 Recipes for Perfect AvoHolidays

If it’s the holiday season, it’s Avotime! Don’t go looking too far for recipe ideas. Here are the 10 best recipes with avocados for a delicious holiday vacation:

1 - Avo-Ho-Ho Pancakes

Santa Claus can’t complete his midnight rounds without loading up on energy. That’s why we created this perfect avocado pancakes recipe. Spoil your entire family on Christmas morning with this delicious kid-approved treat!

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2 - Hola Poke Toasts

Diala Canelo (Diala’s Kitchen) came up with a great recipe for the holiday season. The whole family will love splitting these poke toast bites for a quick lunch before going outside to play in the snow. Enjoy!

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3 - The Holiday Avo Main Dish

Are you hosting the family this Christmas Eve? Surprise your guests and change up your traditional festive menu with this perfect cumin-spiced pork sirloin with avocados. It will be the talk of the evening and may even become a new family tradition!

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4 - Game Time, Dip Time

Have you brought out your board game collection yet? Match up the most competitive players, because we have the perfect snack to satisfy all your cravings during those long, exciting games of Scrabble or Monopoly. Here is an avocado and cheese curd dip by Ricardo!

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5 - The Salad Para la Fiesta

Hosting for the holidays? Your guests might be excited to eat your traditional roast turkey and meat pies, but why not add this delicious Greek salad with avocados to your dining table? Everybody loves it. Try it out!

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6 - Scrumptious Healthy Chocolatey Pudding

Don’t waste too much time looking for or prepping desserts. Kitchn has put together the perfect chocolate avocado pudding. It is quick, delicious and vegan-friendly! Step up your lunch with this little sweet but healthy dessert!

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7 - Erin’s Avocado Fries

We searched and found THE best appetizer recipe to spice up all of your holiday evenings. Here are Erin Ireland’s baked avocado fries. Try this recipe, it’s to die for! (figuratively-literally!)

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8 - Avotoast It Up!

Holiday vacations are all about taking more time to enjoy doing the things you love, but rarely have enough time for. We love late brunches with friends, and it’s the perfect time to have fun with avocados! Try creating this delicious avocado rose eggs Benedict by Food Network Canada. You’re sure to impress your loved ones with this one!

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9 - Morning Pick Me Up

Was your New Year’s Eve filled with celebrations? Having a rough morning? For the long day ahead, get back on track with Erin’s sweet chocolate mint smoothie with avocados. You’re welcome!

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10 - Resolutions Are Back

Have you written your new list of goals and resolutions yet? If one of them is to cook healthier meals, Canadian Living is here to help. Start your day with this easy baked avocado eggs recipe. Kick off 2019 with style and taste!

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