Why eat avocado, according to our three ambassadors

Hubert Cormier (nutritionist), Erin Ireland (journalist and food blogger) and Laura Wright (food blogger) talk about their love for avocados. How does this heavenly fruit make their daily lives easier?

Tell us a bit about your lifestyle. Why is avocado the perfect fruit for you?

Hubert — I have a rather atypical lifestyle because I’m self-employed and can create my own schedule. […] This lifestyle suits me perfectly because I don’t like routine. Making my own schedule also allows me to shop when the stores aren’t busy. I can take time to make all my own meals. As for avocado, I sometimes have it on toast or in delicious green smoothies at breakfast. At lunchtime, it’s more of a salad garnish, and at dinner I often add it to a homemade burger.

Erin — We’re an active vegan family and have avocados in the fruit basket ripening at all times! We eat at least one per day. I love that the avocado has a natural barrier (the skin) so I can put them in my bag for a snack later (my three-year-old eats them straight up with a spoon). We also eat them on toast, in salads and on the side of basically any lunch or dinner bowl. Also, as plant eaters, we’ve made the avocado one of our favourite sources for healthy, unsaturated fats. We embrace them fully.

Laura — I am an active vegan that loves to entertain family and friends often. I am often finishing off my meals with dices of ripe avocado to get some satiating good fat—everything from grain bowls to smoothies, to totally plant-based nachos, to super creamy and rich chocolate pudding. I love to include avocados in my menus when I entertain because virtually anything you can make with them is guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser.

Name three reasons why you’re such a huge avo fan.

Hubert —

  1. Its texture.
  2. Its taste.
  3. Its nutritional value!

Erin —

  1. Avocado is nature’s butter! It’s so naturally delicious and buttery.
  2. I love how they have a natural barrier, and we don’t have to package them up when bringing them on the go.
  3. I love that my toddler eats it! She goes through picky phases but always loves her avo. It helps me sleep at night knowing she is getting those healthy calories.

Laura —

  1. They fit into virtually any meal I find myself cooking
  2. They make almost any food instantly better.
  3. The pretty bright green colour honestly makes me happy just looking at it.

It’s well known that breakfast is the most important meal of the day! How do you fit avocado into your morning routine?

Hubert — Avocado can be easily incorporated into many recipes and even smoothies to get a silky texture. Since I’ve just published a book that’s 100% dedicated to breakfast (Déjeuners protéinés), I can’t hide the fact that it’s my favourite meal of the day. You can be really creative, which is a great way to break morning monotony.

Erin — First, I make avo toast for my toddler, then myself. I average one piece of avo toast a day, plus I save my toddler’s discarded crusts by slathering them with avo and a sprinkling of sea salt, as well. Reducing food waste one avo-slathered crust at a time.

Laura — I generally prefer them with my breakfast because they’re such an energizing and delicious way to start the day, but any time is appropriate for an “Avomoment.” I’ll make savoury morning rice bowls with black beans, salsa, veggies, greens and avocado diced on top, blend them up into a smoothie with cacao powder and hemp seeds, or enjoy them as a quick mash on seedy sourdough with sliced tomatoes and chili flakes.

Of all the recipes you’ve created that include avocado, which one’s your favourite and why?

Hubert — My favourite recipe with avocado is definitely the huevos rancheros from my book, Déjeuners protéinés, served on a cauliflower tortilla. I like Mexican recipes. It may be that they bring back good memories or they take me a little closer to the warmth and sunshine of the Southern Hemisphere at mealtime.

Erin — Tough one! Maybe a nacho pizza with big chunks of avo on top? Or this avocado flatbread because it’s such an easy appetizer, and I love the combo of avocado with balsamic. It’s a bit of an unusual pairing but works so well together! Also, so easy to make.

Laura — I love this avocado tartare recipe with roasted beets and basil! It’s a huge explosion of flavour. As an appetizer, it’s a little bit unexpected, but everyone loves it.