5 ways to use avocados as a healthy fat substitute

A varied diet is the key to a healthy and balanced nutrition. So why not consider substituting some of the usual ingredients from your favourite recipes with avocados? In fact, avocados from Mexico are very versatile when used for cooking and can be added to many sweet and savoury recipes. On top of being absolutely delicious, you can find them year round in most grocery stores. Here are 5 of the most interesting, and tasty ways to add them as substitute.

In sandwiches instead of mayonnaise

We are constantly told to cut down on processed or highly processed foods to encourage a healthy diet, making mayonnaise no exception to the rule. Not to worry, just replace it with a generous portion of avocado puree. Your sandwiches will be just as good. Avocados blend perfectly with eggs, chicken, or ham in a sandwich or a wrap. I’ve been doing this for ages: blending avocado puree into the egg salad mixture for the perfect egg sandwich, or adding some for my devilled eggs! Trust me, this variation will have them coming back for more. If you’re feeling extra, add some coriander for more pizazz.

In salad dressings instead of oil

I just love using avocados in my salad dressings. They can make any dressing smooth, creamy and savoury all while enhancing it with many nutrients. Imagine, there are more than 20 different nutrients in one avocado from Mexico! The secret behind a successful dressing is adding all the ingredients into a blender until you get a nice and smooth texture. Just add a little water to the desired consistency. Finally, throw in any other spices or herbs you have on hand: coriander, chives, flat-leaf parsley, etc.

In sauces as a cream substitute

Did you know that you could use avocados to substitute some of the cream in your white sauces? Keep this tip in mind, the next time you make fettuccine Alfredo! You’ll get an amazing, vibrant green result just by adding these precious dietary fibres to your meal. Garnish with your preferred vegetables, as well as a source of protein (e.g. a few slices of grilled chicken or tiger shrimps) and get ready to enjoy a complete and balanced meal.

In your desserts instead of butter

That’s right! Traditional desserts such as pastries, macaroons, brownies, cheesecakes (or vegan cheesecake!) can be made with avocados from Mexico! In some recipes such as brownies, all the butter can be replaced with avocados. As for pastry recipes, it’s good to keep some butter for best results. You can cut the amount of butter asked for in the recipe by half, by an equal amount of pureed avocado.

For a smooth hummus without tahini

Don’t have any tahini at home and want to make hummus? No worries. The avocado is the perfect replacement for this ingredient in your homemade hummus without altering the texture nor nutritional values. This substitution will in fact even add good mono and polyunsaturated fats, dietary fibre, vitamins and numerous phytonutrients. And if you want to jazz up your recipe even more, add an extra dose of protein, and replace some of the chickpeas with thawed edamame beans. You’ll love the final result!

by Hubert Cormier