Learn more about how avocados can improve your day-to-day wellness

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Always on the go? With its many nutrients, the avocado is your energy ally!

It's easy to stay active every day!

  • Walk or bike to work

    To stay active and gain energy, try to forego the car and put the emphasis on walking or cycling. In addition to improving your fitness level, you'll achieve a feeling of freedom and pure enjoyment!
  • Use the stairs

    Get your heart and muscles working by taking the stairs. You might feel a bit winded at first, but don't give up! You'll find it's habit forming, and you'll soon see and feel a difference in your fitness level!
  • Do the chef shuffle

    There's nothing like a dash of music to spice up meal preparation. Turn up the tunes, make a few moves, and pour some fun into your time in the kitchen. The only thing you'll burn is calories!

Recipes for the Active Avolover

In addition to its amazing flavour and versatility, the avocado offers a host of nutritional bonuses to help you balance your diet and recharge. Whether eaten before or after your workout, avocados can be easily included in your day-to-day menus!