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A guacamole according to your type of Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is as much a sport celebration as it is an opportunity to get together to cheer on our favourite team. Whether it’s with your other half, with family, or with friends, it’s also an opportunity to indulge! For this big happening, Avocados From Mexico has one wish: to be invited to the fiesta! To do so, we suggest making guacamole the star of the game. How do you plan on taking this year’s Super Bowl to the next level?

As a couple 

Because game nights are also date nights! You get settled in the living room with some finger food, then you cheer on your favourite team—hoping that it’s the same one! In the kitchen, take advantage of this time to impress your sweetheart by starting off with an aperitif and a colourful pomegranate guacamole. Psssst! Did you know that both of these fruits have aphrodisiac properties?

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With family

Choose colourful dishes that everybody will enjoy. Think pregame guac: a winning formula for the whole family! And if the kids usually get bored during the game, plan some sports-themed games to do nearby: stickers, colouring, or costumes.

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With friends 

Festive and full of twists and turns: that’s the best way to describe your night! Think ahead by setting refreshments and dishes out ahead of time so that everything is ready when your friends arrive. After all, it’s your fiesta too, so you don’t want to spend the night rummaging around the kitchen. Choose an easy dish to make in a large quantity, like guacamole (obviously). Add a festive touch and opt for our tequila guacamole!

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Good game!