Laura Wright: getting creative with avocados to spice up your lunch

Some people may view avocado as a sandwich component, but for me it’s the entire focus of the sandwich. With its good, monounsaturated fat content, it’s the perfect “meat” for an entirely plant-based lunch. In addition to the satiating fats, avocados are a good source of fiber. I love including avocados in my lunches when I work from home because they are so filling–they keep me from snacking the rest of the afternoon!

In this recipe, we’re coating ripe avocado slices with a mixture of crunchy cornmeal, chopped pistachios, and a few extra seasonings. The coating bakes up nice and crisp–the perfect foil to the creamy avocado. It’s a simple dredge process that yields spectacular results after about twenty minutes in the oven. The avocado slices come out nice and crisp.

The crispy and crusted avocado slices are then layered onto our sandwich with a simple spicy mayonnaise and some shredded lettuce for crunch and freshness. This combination is sublime! It’s creamy, crispy, cool, fresh, a little bit spicy, and so satisfying.

This recipe is adaptable based on what you have on hand too. You could swap the chopped pistachios with chopped sunflower seeds, cashews, or even panko bread crumbs. I love the clean crunch of romaine lettuce on this sandwich, but a handful of arugula would really highlight the spicy flavours here. If you’re not feeling a full-on sandwich, these crispy coated slices of avocado are just as delicious in a fresh lettuce wrap with a swipe of the mayo.

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It’s creamy, crispy, cool, fresh, a little bit spicy, and so satisfying.