Three recipes that will make your next picnic a success

Warmth and nice weather are back! (Or almost.) Summer is knocking on our doors, and the sun is more and more a part of our lives. Get together with friends, family or your loved one and plan a picnic to celebrate the arrival of the season. We would like to share our three favourite avocado-based recipes that everyone will love and that perfectly mesh with your picnic and the arrival of summer.

Impress Your Friends

Simplify your life with the BLT-A, which is a sandwich that is both tasty and easy to prepare. It’s so simple: Take a BLT, made the way you like it, and add some avocado. Prepare the ingredients beforehand and make your sandwiches when you get there to ensure freshness. Matching the summer colours, this delightful addition will charm your friends’ taste buds and add more nutritional value to a classic sandwich.

Have your sandwich with a watermelon and avocado salad with spinach and feta. It will be the perfect complement to your menu with the juiciness of the melon and buttery taste of the avocados. Calculate your portions carefully. This salad is guaranteed to be a winner!

Complete your picnic with a mint basil guacamole. This is an easy-to-serve, perfect antidote to hunger pangs. With chips or cucumbers (for the health conscious), there is always room for this guacamole! 😉

And now that the meal has been planned, how do you have a successful picnic?

  1. Choose a quiet spot that allows you to immerse yourself in nature and bask in the moment. So avoid overcrowded parks and spots beside roads.
  2. Take the time to make your choice and bring all you need for some magical, cozy time together. Being in nature doesn’t mean being uncomfortable. Bring a coloured tablecloth, the right utensils for the dishes you prepared, plates and some reusable glasses, and moist towelettes for cleaning hands.
  3. Don’t forget to put some fun items in your bag, such as a ball, a card game, or even bubble soap (for your IG stories!) for before or after your picnic.

Enjoy the nice weather while it’s still here! 😉 Don’t forget to check the weather beforehand. We hope everyone enjoys preparing their picnics and wish you “buen provecho!”