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Laura Wright: getting creative with avocados to spice up your lunch
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Get the most out of a whole bag of avocados with these tips and tricks!
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5 ways to use avocados as a healthy fat substitute
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Top 5 healthy and original recipes made with Avocados from Mexico
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Why eat avocado, according to our three ambassadors
Hubert Cormier (nutritionist), Erin Ireland (journalist and food blogger) and Laura Wright (food blogger)… Read more >
A guacamole according to your type of Super Bowl
The Super Bowl is as much a sport celebration as it is an opportunity to get together… Read more >
Tell me your favourite sport, and i’ll tell you what to eat!
Oh, avocado! The star player of our recipes shines with its versatility… Read more >
Avo-Health, One Snack at a Time
With the sun, warmth and nice weather, summer sports are finally back! And… Read more >
Three recipes that will make your next picnic a success
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Guilty pleasures: in Clarissa Nuttall’s kitchen
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The best thing about being a food blogger: Nick Joly’s confessions
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Hubert Cormier, our favourite nutritionist: undisclosed!
What do you enjoy most about your job as a blogger? I enjoy everything about… Read more >
Eating avocado pits? It’s best to be careful!
It’s no secret that avocados are a healthy food. But the still uncertain benefits of the pit are… Read more >
Celebrate spring with these 5 avocado salad recipes!
Hooray, spring is at our doors! No more ice, boots, clearing snow off your car… Read more >
Avocados: An Everyday Nutritional Ally
Although the avocado is often thought to be a vegetable, it’s actually a fruit… Read more >
Colour Therapy on Your Plate: The Ideal Antidote for Gloom
Are your meals all white? How sad! Not only does adding some colour to your plate… Read more >
Top 10 Recipes for Perfect AvoHolidays
If it’s the holiday season, it’s Avotime! Don’t go looking too far for recipe ideas. Here are the 10… Read more >
You’re never too busy for Avotime
Avocados are a super food that contribute to a healthy balanced lifestyle.… Read more >
The avocado: a restorative snack
The great weather is finally here, and that means it’s time to get outside and have fun! If you’re an outdoors enthusiast, you… Read more >
The avocado: A source of inner and outer beauty
Did you know that the avocado delivers benefits beyond those on our plate? It’s true!… Read more >
Fire up the BBQ and bring out the avocados!
Make your barbecues something special by adding a touch of flair to your list of ingredients.… Read more >
The avocado: an athlete’s best friend!
The avocado is a food that helps you keep in shape.… Read more >
5 reasons to make avocado the star of your potluck meal
Ever been invited to a potluck party but had no idea what to bring?… Read more >
Avocados: an effective anti-inflammatory
It’s not rocket science–eating well helps us stay healthy… Read more >
My At-Home Workout and Smoothie
Let’s face it, getting to the gym can be hard… Read more >
Party plans? Think guacamole!
Guacamole is the ideal dish for an evening with friends or game night!… Read more >
Healthy snacks - long live the avocado!
Are you partial to putting a healthy slant on cocktail parties with friends?… Read more >
Eat your fruits and veggies
Are you eating enough fruit and vegetables each day? The Heart and Stroke Foundation recommends that Canadians… Read more >
Game night with friends
Having friends over to watch the big game? Here’s the best (and easiest) way to welcome and wow them… Read more >
Stay active, eat well
If you're all about fitness and sport, avocados are just the thing to help you stay healthy. In fact, they're one of the most nutritious… Read more >
A food that satisfies hunger
Hunger and cravings can undermine your best efforts to maintain a healthy weight. Your objective should always be to… Read more >
Never seem to have enough time in your day?
The avocado might just become your best friend as you go about your daily… Read more >
Avocados, a superfood.
The avocado is viewed as a "superfood." A superfood is one that, in addition to being nutritious, also contains unique… Read more >
Good for moms, good for kids
Avocados are rich in folic acid, with about 67 μg found in half an avocado. Folic acid is important for the development of cells… Read more >
An excellent substitute
Avocados are a tasty and nutritious fruit that can easily replace other fats in a calorie-reduced diet. They’ll add flavour to your meals… Read more >